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Consulting Services

Need help with workflow management?  Want to know the value of your business? Our expert advisory staff are here to help.  When utilizing Vine's consulting services you will be put in contact with a dedicated consultant to help you find the optimum solution to your problem.

  • Review and restatement of historical financials

  • Analysis of historical performance

  • Valuation based on historical performance

  • Valuation based on projections that we prepare

  • Written report detailing value


Financial Modeling

Understand if your intended business model is sustainable and if it will return investment on schedule

  • Create 5-year financial model and detailed monthly income statement budgets

  • Create Internal Rate of Return (IRR) projection based on lease schedule

Restaurant Valuation

Understand the fair value of a restaurant for all parties involved

  • Review Letter of Intent and "redline" for reasonable adjustments

  • High level financial analysis of the proposed deal

  • Review lessor responses and submit additional iterations until agreement is reached

Letter of Intent Review

Understand if selected location has feasible terms to pursue further consideration

  • Visit location during operational hours and conduct a walkthrough of unit operations and accounting processes, interview key personnel and gather financial documents and information

  • Review and evaluate all processes related to generating financial information for periodic reporting: payroll, accounts payable, and general ledger

  • Develop a report that details findings and makes recommendations based on the visit, evaluation of information provided, and requests from client

  • In-person meeting to present and discuss results and findings

  • Provide proprietary templates for daily cash procedures, inventory, manual checks, credit card usage, expense and reimbursement reports if desired

Understand how your day-to-day operations and financial practices are impacting your profit and loss

WorkFlow and Financial Management Assessment 

  • Discovery process to identify the pain points and goals for the restaurant as related to service and company culture

  • Staff training based on identified goals with deliverables, standards, expectations, and processes given to the staff and management team

  • Follow-up meeting both in a private setting between consultant and restaurant owners, and in the restaurant to observe what practices have and have not been implemented, followed by a recap discussion and coaching session with staff

Identify how to bring your service level from good to off-the-charts

Guest Service Training

  • Review lease and "redline" for reasonable adjustments

  • Explain process and solicit input from management and ownership

  • Review lessor responses and submit additional iterations until agreement is reached

Lease negotiation

Investing in expert restaurant lease negotiation up front will offer value and peace of mind during build-out phase and for years to come

Our devoted team of professionals can help increase your profits. Vine partners with you to uphold your business values and ideas while putting concrete goals and measurements into place to aid in your company's financial and operational success.



Accounting Services

Vine offers a variety of financial services that will make running your restaurant easier. Your dedicated team will help you manage your bills, run your payroll, give you detailed monthly financial statements, and much more. We can also tailor our services to fit the needs of your restaurant.

  • Accounts payable and payroll check runs

  • Monthly online or in-person advisory meetings to review financial information

  • Web-based access to sales, labor, costs, product mix and trends on a daily and period basis

  • Monthly financial statements with customized narrative 

  • Quarterly tax filings

  • Bank account and vendor statement reconciliation

  • Annual operating budgets

  • Percentage rent calculations

Standard Accounting Services

  • OSHA forms

  • Illness and injury prevention materials 

Occupational safety and health is very important to the success of your business.  We can teach you how to ensure your restaurant is a safe place to work!  In this toolkit you receive:

OSHA and Safety Compliance Startup

A certified HR professional will work with your team on any HR support issues. Hours may be used for various consulting services, including but not limited to, answering HR questions, providing counsel on employee relation issues, providing guidance on terminations, reviewing forms and documents, and responding to unemployment or EEOC charges.

On-Call consulting

hr Services

  • Performance review materials

  • Documentation materials

Learn how to better manage your employees by understanding best practices of performance management and how to properly document performance.  With this toolkit you receive: 

Performance Management Startup 

​We also offer numerous trainings to aid in the professional development of your staff 

  • Hiring and selection tools

  • Current employment handbook template in PDF

  • New hire toolkit

  • Termination toolkit

 These administrative tools will help ensure best practices.

HR Administration startup

  • CA wage and hour compliance

  • Break compliance

  • Safety 

  • I-9 issues

  • Payroll records

  • Harassment issues

  • TIPS training

Find out if your restaurant would pass a visit from the Department of Labor to protect your restaurant from potential fees.  We can audit:

Audit Service

  • HR administration tools

  • HR compliance partnership

  • OSHA and safety compliance tools

  • Annual compensation analysis and development   

  • Performance management

  • Monthly and quarterly newsletters 

  • Quarterly management trainings

  • On-demand telephonic advice and counsel

Full Service HR

Need HR support?  We've got you covered.  Full Service HR includes: